Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thanks Honey

Thanks Honey for putting aside your plans for your day off and taking care of the kids, feeding them, dressing them, changing diapers and reminding at least one of them many, many times to go potty. Thanks for doing the laundry, cleaning out the closet and mopping the kitchen floor. Thanks for reading lots of stories, and not the ones you picked out for your pleasure. Thanks for doing this without me asking. Thanks for letting me run away for a few hours. Thanks for forgiving me. Thanks for loving me.

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Jack said...

Your welcome. Thank you for teaching, feeding, loving, and mothering our wonderful children the other 364 days of the year without acknowledgment from me or the kids!

The laundry and cleaning can wait until the kids grow up. The curiosity and zest for life displayed by our boys, even their skill in making messes that we didn't think possible, is a testament to your love. Only kids who feel safe in their mother's love have the freedom to explore their world and cause havoc as our boys so often do.