Thursday, May 1, 2008

Butterfly pets

We have been having so much fun raising butterflies vicariously with my friend Elizabeth Joy and her children. The boys and I enjoy looking at the beautiful and detailed photos of the various stages of life these butterflies are going through.

When Owen saw a picture of Emily Rose holding one of these beauties he wanted to try to do that too. So today, Owen had his chance. He happily presented me with a butterfly he caught with his bare hands. (I can't be sure because I am so horrible at identification, but it looked suspicously similar to the Painted Ladies Elizabeth Joy's family is raising). Unfortunately he caught it by it's wings, pinching them together, and damaged it. The poor thing couldn't fly away.

So I guess Owen's reflexes must be quick. This same child smashed a fly with his hand the other day. I couldn't do that to save my life. I hope it doesn't sound as if he's going around cold-heartedly killing insects. The butterfly was an accident but the fly. . . well he's seen me attack them with my flyswatter if they dare to come into my house.

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Elizabeth Joy said...

I'm glad you are enjoying the butterflies. Sounds like your family will enjoy raising some sometime.

Forest Zoo has taught me that if a butterfly is resting on something, you can slowly move your hand toward the front of it. Put a finger right in front of its front feet, and it might crawl up on it. It works with our current butterflies, and Forest Zoo has done this with wild butterflies numerous times. Forest also likes catching flies, to feed his frogs. I don't know how little boys can be so fast. I'm certainly not. Nor am I patient to t ry again and again, unless I have a fly swatter in my hand.