Saturday, February 2, 2008

Baby fears

"When the baby comes, you won't have time for me anymore," said Owen.

"Sure I will. I'll still be able to play with you, read stories and do lots of other things with you." I promptly replied.

"But I won't be as special as the baby."

Ouch! That your older children may feel that is what every parent fears about having another child, second only to the baby's health. Of course, I reassured Owen that I would still have time for him and that he is very special. But I admit, it caught me off guard.

All our previous conversation about the pending arrival of a new baby had me convinced he was OK with the whole thing. He seemed understanding and realistic. When people ask him if he's excited about having a little sister, he replies, "I don't know, I haven't met her yet." Knowing how this child thinks, I took that as quite a logical answer. He honestly did fine when Jonas was born, and as long as I continue to give both of the boys individual attention, I pray, it will be fine again.

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Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog and am finding some wonderful thoughts there. Great inspiration as I raise my almost 4 yo boy. In regards to this post, just wanted to recommend the book, "I Love You the Purplest," by Barbara Joosse. A unique take on the age-old answer, "I love you all the same." Thanks again for a great blog.