Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pregnant pause

I suppose that's the best way to explain my sporadic silence on this blog. I'm finally nearly the end of my first trimester and I'm starting to feel a little more like myself. Of course, the infamous nausea is awful (although much, much better this time around), but the extreme exhaustion and lack of energy completely wipe me out. I've found that this pregnancy is more difficult because I have two highly active boys to care for while I just want to stay in bed.

What little gumption and brain power I have must be reserved for what's most important--saving my kids from major injuries. I've already failed in my house. Just this week the boys painted a 4-feet swash of carpet, poured a couple of gallons of water on the floor, cut my living room curtain and riped up my bedside lamp shade. Anyone wanna trade?

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Elizabeth Joy said...

I was wondering what was up with you. Now I know. I wish you a peaceful, studious girl for your next child, to make up for the mischief that has been happening at your house. You're amazing!

I met Shelly Smith who now has a different married name, that I don't recall, this summer when I was at the college marine station. I remember you mentioning working with her before. And she mentioned you when we were talking. Nice to make the connection.